How to get a great tattoo

Taking each of these steps ensures that your artist understands what you are after and we produce the finest artwork for you.

Step 1     Your consult
Step 2     Your booking is made
Step 3     Your appointment happens

At your consult we take the time to listen to you about what it is you wish to have tattooed.  Clear communication is key.  We ask you bring any reference material with you so we can get totally on the same page as you.  Reference can be printed or on usb stick.   Any type of medium is great for reference; magazines, books, photos, ornaments, jewellery, anything that represents your idea.

Making a booking is often done at your consult or at a time convenient to you.  Your better off coming in to the studio to do this that way we get all the detail right for your appointment.  You will be asked to pay a deposit to secure your preferred time.  We do not book you into a secure time slot without a deposit.   Deposits are usually $100 or higher if the sitting exceeds a few hours.    Your deposit does come off the price of your tattoo.   You will be given an appointment card with your date and time that clearly outlines the conditions of your deposit.  This card is then presented at your appointment as a receipt for your deposit.

Your appointment is confirmed with you via sms a day or two before.   On the day we recommend that you are well rested and of healthy mind.    We do not allow spectators in the work area.  Your tattoo time is for you and your artist.   It is important to us that we make you and every other client comfortable so although you are not permitted to have a friend with you, you will not be alone.   We do have great support staff here for you and your artist is one of the key people for you.

Small Tattoo appointment or ongoing work that is in progress some designs are simple enough to go ahead without a consult.  This happens a lot.  We do still take deposits.  So we are fully prepared for your appointment we ask you pop past with or email your idea.  Deposits can be made via the internet for clients who are not local.  Bank account details will be emailed or sms to you.  The studio staff can help you with these bookings so a consult with an artist is not required.

We will give you aftercare instructions on how to care for your tattoo.  We sell a fabulous product called “EASY TATTOO CREAM” it is designed specifically for this industry and gives amazing results.  Treat your new tattoo to this product to aid your healing time.

Cost of a Tattoo this really depends on the design.   When we are doing a big body of work, a piece that will take more than one appointment / sitting we will give you an hourly rate of $130 per hour.   If your design can be done in one appointment / sitting we will give you an approximate quote.  Our minimum charge is $100

To get a really good tattoo you do really need to expect to pay good money for it.   We do not do discounts or deals we only do terrific tattoos.  It is true …… you get what you pay for .